Lin's Report
Well I had my first hunt and learned a lot.  Next time I plan to be even more
1)  My pictures showed nothing.  But I have realized I need to take a LOT more.
2)  I went with my urge to touch things with some delightful results.  The
little room next to the projection room where Lee and I felt so much.  I put my
hand on that wall and got tingles in my fingers that traveled down my arm.  I
was such a wonderful feeling that I wanted to laugh out loud.
3)I did not like the balcony.  It made me slightly nauseous at first and just
did not feel comfortable being there.
4)  As much as I disliked the balcony I just LOVED the stage.  I was drawn to
it from the first moment we walked in.  I could feel warmth in the palms of my
hands when I touched it.  When we came back to the stage after our guided tour
the feeling was even stronger.  Just a wonderful, loving, warm, feeling.
5)  The back left hand corner of the basement as you walk down the stairs.
(There were handprints on the wall.) I had a feeling of agitation best
described as "what are you doing here".  Not strong or mean just questioning.
And it was a very different "being" from what I felt in other places.
That's it Brandy.  I'm sure I'll get better at this as I go along.  Also please
let me know if there are specific things you want me to address in future
reports.  Thanks................Lin

Lee and Karen
Lee and Karen.  Aura around ghosthunter?  Picture taken during a time when she was getting unusual readings on her EMF meter.
Royalty Theater
Paranormal Investigation
Reported by Lee & Karen West


See History from Royalty Theater Web Site


Socrates, the owner, toured us through the theater prior to the actual investigation. During this tour Socrates shared with us that he and his wife and many workers/performers/patrons have witnessed what he calls Angel activity. Listed below are some of the happenings Socrates shared:

He described events of lights flashing and stools spinning. It seems the angels turn lights on for workers. One incident was when a piano tuner arrived to tune the piano and the lights came on, the tuner assumed Socrates turned them on for him so he could work. He was tuning the piano when Socrates showed up and the piano tuner thanked Socrates for turning the lights on earlier - butttttttttt Socrates nor any one else was in the theater when the lights were turned on.

There was an event where the entertainers started to play heavy metal music. Apparently the angels do not care for this type of music. All the lights in the theater went off - Socrates told the band to leave. Once they left the lights came back on and the entertainment (the type the angels like) continued.

During a performance of angelic harp like music the chandeliers, many of them, started to swing. According to Socrates even the audience noticed the movement of the chandeliers.

On another occasion Socrates told one of the workers not to play loud heavy metal radio music but he did anyway and all the protective sheets of plastic on the chairs flew up to the ceiling and back down again. Needless to say they stopped playing the radio on those stations

People have been blocked from coming into the theater. One mischievous man could not get the front door to the theater open and when Socrates went to open the door and the man fled but the door opened easily. Were the angels protecting Socrates from an intruder intending to harm him? Another man that appeared to want to do harm was actually pushed out of the theater by unseen forces.

It seems people, especially children, and animals are drawn into the theater and to the stage area. Some people actually lie down on the stage and feel as if they are refreshed, healed and calmed.

Several times during the wee hours of the morning the alarms will go off as if someone has entered the theater yet all the doors are locked. Many times, especially on Saturday mornings, Socrates & his wife will arrive at the theater to find a wonderful smell of chocolate chip cookies and all the lights on yet they know full well they turned all the lights off when they left the previous evening. Socrates shared information of the angels guiding the progress of the purchase of the theater and what colors to paint doors & ceiling & walls. He had the ceilings painted blue and none of the equipment would function. Then he felt the angels wanted the ceilings painted gold - so he had them painted gold and all the equipment started to work. Socrates would have a sense of where former items were located, like the abandoned piping for the lobby rest room. He would insist that the contractors find the original location even though the contractors would vehemently object. And guess what - they found it exactly where Socrates said it would be located.

Socrates shared many pictures of orbs, mist and ectoplasm. Some of these pictures he had taken and patrons sent some to him.


Projection & Adjacent Rooms

All of us felt a great deal of energy in the room adjacent to the projection room. In this room we have a digital picture that shows an aura around Brandy. This picture was taken at the same time she felt a tingling sensation. Lee smelled a very fresh scent and Brandy reported smelling a heavy incense smell. The batteries on the digital camera had to be changed three times in this area - something was draining them. There is rainbowing effect on the video in both these areas.


Karen felt a presence in the left of the balcony and Lee & Lin were uncomfortable in the balcony and Lin actually felt nauseas.  The 35mm pictures have what appear to be two orbs over the mirror and there is rainbowing effect on the video. Later Socrates shared with us that in the 1980's the former manager, Bill, was killed in the balcony area, where we show the orbs & rainbowing. He was robbed of $7 & change and then killed. Socrates also share with us that an apparition has been seen in this area by some of the theater workers and patrons. Lee had a sensation that he would be pushed over if he went close to the railing. Later Socrates shared with us that a young boy slipped and nearly fell off the balcony and he felt that Bill saved him.


The stairway, alcove and wall to the left of the entrance had a lot of energy feelings. We did get some slight EMF spikes, 2-3, but nothing appeared on the pictures or video.

Main Theater

In the main theater area near the entrance doors Lee, Brandy, Socrates and Regina smelled a floral aroma. The stage area was the most exciting. There was a feeling of peace, calm, serenity and love. Lee sensed the presence of a young female entity, approximately 9-12 years old in the left section of the stage. Lee & Brandy did an EVP rod session. The entity said she was an Angel and her name was Angelica. A digital picture taken at the time of the EVP rod session shows an enormous layered orb and a little orb. At this time Karen got the impression of an entity dancing across the stage directly in front of her and had goose bumps. Angelica also stated she had drawn Socrates to the theater. Later Regina informed us that there is an angel named Angelina (slightly different) that loves to dance. Socrates informed us that there was great power in this area and that he has seen people who perform here go on to very successful careers. He prayed at the cross and then touched Lee and prayed over him. It is very interesting that Socrates touched Lee at the exact area that he has been plagued with reoccurring disease. It is Lee's sincere belief that he received a healing that very day through Socrates. Tears were brought to both Lee's & Karen's eyes. Lee & Brandy & Socrates all laid down on the stage in the area where Socrates has seen a light and a figure. Each expressed how calming & serene it was to rest in that area.

Back Stage

Both these areas were toured and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.


The girl's dressing room had the only two entrances to the two attic areas. This area was different - felt a presence and one digital picture shows a fog over the door to the rest room from the dressing room. The video showed a fog and an orb. The digital camera batteries were again drained and the 4th set of batteries was put in the camera. Later Socrates told us that one of the female performers doe not like to be alone in the dressing room because she feels like someone is watching her.


We believe there are Angels or entities of some sort at this theater. Some of these angels are resident and some are transient. Whether it is Bill, Angelica or others it feels so relaxing, calming, serene, fresh and good at this theater. There is a healing quality at this theater. At least one of these entities, Angelica, is guarding over the theater and especially over Socrates.  This was another place that we felt very very comfortable and look forward to returning.


193 Digital Pictures - 6 show orbs/light images - 10 questionable
91 Minutes of Video  - 4 rainbowing effects in 2 areas & 1 orb
3 EVP Digital Recordings - No results
1 EVP Rod Session - very successful

While reviewing the video we realized that footage taken at several areas was not on the film. Operator error - not likely - have been very cautious since Tampa Theater Video problems. Maybe the Angels didn't want some things on tape.

Royalty Theater:

Brandy B.

History:  Currently, the RT is set up as a museum during the day, performing art theater at night. 

Est. in 1896, one of the oldest buildings in Clearwater.  Oldest theater in the state of Florida, oldest building in the
state of Florida. 

In the 1920s it was a had electricity.  Photos displayed of the Theater from 1910-1981.

It formerly housed the Air Force and Marines, and was a church in the 1940s.

In the 1960s, it was partially destroyed by a storm.

In the 1980s, a man was killed there...murdered for being homosexual in the balcony.
Theater closed in 1995, soon to be torn down.

It is one building that has a basement in Florida (very rare).

He has had premonitions about lay out of the building, toilets, colors of the building, the floors, etc. 

In addition, it houses a 1927 piano, and has been undergoing renovations for 2 and 1/2 years.  It has an organ from
1885.  Also, found in the basement was a chair from the 1700s, and a mysterious safe with silver coins in it.

In the attic is a strange room with posers plastered along the wall dating from 1910.  They feature local acts:
Houdini, Ginger Rogers, Elvis Presley, all who performed in the theater.

Rolling Stones composed I cant get no satisfaction after being thrown out of the theater during their first Clwtr
performance, according to Socrates.

Owner, Socrates, got it shortly before it was to be torn down.  He felt drawn to the building and was able to raise
$250,000 in donations for the building, up to the last hour before it was closed.

Socrates has owned the theater for three years.  The day he bought the theater was the day his son was born.

Socrates himself lived in a haunted house in Sarasota:  toys moved on their own, swing started to swing.  Turns out a
child died there in prior years.

Priests have blessed the place.  The images of Jesus and Michael have been seen there.  Different people have sent in
ruined photos showing orbs and mist images taken at the theater.

Father Fran from Sarasota was involved in blessing.

Entities who reside in the theater, according to the owner, Socrates, will express displeasure at anything they do not
like with the changing form of the theater.  They often cause the lights to flash, or chandeliers dance if they like
performance.  If they dont like people, they have blocked the entrance to prevent them from coming in.

The entities are not fond of punk rock.  They do, however, like wrestling.

Paranormal Behaviors Reported:  Batteries in electronic equipment, which work everywhere else, go down in theater.
Camera batteries, esp.

A one time manifestation of a man at the front door.  Dressed as a captain, he wore a blue coat, had blue eyes, goatee,
fisherman hat, hands in pockets; said Hello to Socrates.  Socrates noticed he had no legs.  The ghost walked through
him, into the door and vanished.  He harassed ladies (grabbing legs and rears) and made noise with metal pots. 

Though there is no smoking in theater, many have captured mists and orb images.

Aromas of incense in the room.  Easter lilies in the audience area.

Security alarms used to go off.

Lights swing, images of swirling energy seen.

On the state was an inverted A and a dagger drawn above it, took many layers of paint to get rid of that.

Hunt:  I got a spike shortly after walking through the door on the EMF meter.

We walked through the theater with Socrates, then went back for our own investigation.  we did a Q and A session in
the upstairs office area, behind the balcony.

Questions:  Male or female?  Divine Angel?  Yes. 

The upper room had strobing on the EMF meters three times, Lee and Karens meters also had reactions. Room
seemed colder, there was a scent of incense.

On the balcony:  spikes twice...burnt toast smell.

Questioning owner:  Angelina came up as one name.  (They knew because she swung the lights back and forth).  She
died as a young girl, which she confirmed through our Q and A session on the stage.

Towards the end of the hunt, I felt drained (as is usual after climbing through 4 layers of the building, but also typical
of a ghost hunt).

A pianist played during our final Q and A session.  The results were strong:  Wests got a stronger orb image, and the
divining rods really moved.  Angelina also suggested we leave her alone as we were distracting her from the music.

Results:  Images captured on film (my own and the Wests) which include orb images.  35 mm black and white
produced two orbs, one in the ceiling area (looked like an orb within an orb, very light.  Wests had a similar image
taken with a different camera, different location).  I had an orb show up in the attic, too.  Nice shape, in the midst of
film, when no other orbs appeared.

Opinion:  I think the site is haunted, possibly by a series of transient ghosts who were attracted to the Theater during
different time periods.  A girls ghost seems to also be attached to the site.  She really seemed to interact with us.  I
think she had a musical talent or interest that the Theater helped to remind her of.  She loves it there, the people, the
energy, the performances.

The Theater has a very strong and positive feel to it.  Socrates also says that the Theater brings good luck to those
who come to it.

Brandy Buchanan

Many have experienced the thrill of the theater.  As an institution, it has survived despite centuries of war and illness, plague and political upheaval.  Theater buildings stand as monuments to human creativity, offering tantalizing glimpses into the human psyche. Even death, it appears, does not deter some from returning to these favored locations.

Socrates Charos knows this well.  A dance instructor from Greece, this enigmatic and charming man now owns the Royalty Theater, in Clearwater.  He can attest to the persistent presence of supernatural influences.

Established in 1896, the Royalty Theater is the oldest building in Clearwater, and has had several incarnations during its long history.  It started as a performing arts theater, but was converted to a marquee in the 1920s.  It housed Air Force and Marine troops during the World Wars.  In the 1960s, the building was nearly destroyed by a storm.  It served part of the 1970s as a church, but returned to showing movies in the 80s.  Finally, the Royalty was closed in 1995.  The building was slated for destruction but Charos, following a dream, purchased the theater, refurbishing and reopening it to the public.

Entities who reside in the theater are very active in expressing themselves.  They often cause the lights to flash or chandeliers to dance if they like a performance.  Sometimes a little mischievous, they trip the alarm system after everyone has gone for the night.

The entities also manifest on film.  Charos has a scrapbook filled with photos tourists have taken in the theater and sent to him,  showing mists, orbs, and apparitions.

At least three presences have made themselves known.  While working alone one evening, Charos looked up to see a man standing at the front door.  Dressed as a captain, he wore a blue coat with a fisherman's hat.  He had blue eyes and a goatee.  Keeping his hands in his pockets, he greeted the theater's new owner.  It was as the man walked forward that Charos noticed he had no legs. 

"The ghost walked through me, went into the theater, and vanished.  What an introduction!  He was horrible and often harassed ladies by grabbing their legs and rears.  He also used to make terrible noises, similar to pounding on metal pots, around the front stage."

Charos finally had the theater blessed by a priest, and the captain, much to everyone's relief, has appeared no more.  None of the women on the investigation felt anything unusual, and unseen hands goosed no one.

The second spirit, however, is quite unique.  Those who run the theater call her "Angelina" or "Angelica," and she appears to be a young woman who died early in the 20th century.  A lover of music and dance, she seems naturally attracted to the Royalty, and is a patron of Charos.  He believes that she is the force who drew him to the building.

During the SPIRITS team investigation, members sensed her presence.  In the offices at the top of the second balcony, two people smelled the aroma of incense.  Equipment recorded several areas of unusual EMF (electromagnetic energy), and at least one photograph taken shows a possible aura enveloping one of the team members.

She was also sensed on the stage, particularly during the inspired performance of a young man playing the piano.  More readings were taken, but proved inconclusive.  It was the photographs that gave tangible proof of her presence.  A very large and solid orb image appears in one picture.  Another captures a white streak near the back stage curtains.  Several show multiple orbs near the ceiling.

"I felt as if she was a carefree spirit.  I could almost envision her dancing around the stage to the music, even as we did our investigation," adds Karen West.

The third ghost may be that of a man killed in the theater during the 1980s.  One of the managers there, he was murdered by drunken tourists who suspected he was homosexual.

His love for the building, however, overcomes his grisly death.  He remains as a guardian, watching for the safety of those who come through.

"He actually kept someone from falling," Charos adds.  "When the theater was being renovated, one of the workers slipped.  He almost went over the railing, but he felt someone grab him and pull him back.  When he stood up, no one was there.  We think our ghost friend was looking out for him."

At least one SPIRITS member sensed a shift in the atmosphere in the area of the balcony.  However, nothing appeared through readings or photographs.

Currently, the building is listed as a historic site.  Charos has recently been granted permission to expand into a museum and plans to add statues of classical thinkers to the area.  He encourages visitors to come inside and experience the soothing atmosphere he associates with the building. 

It is well worth the visit, as the Royalty Theater, ornate and stately, stands a witness to the love of patrons, past, present, and future.