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Happy Father's Day, Flag Day, and Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Summer officially starts June 21!

This month's feature:  
This is the first investigation that we did at Patty's and Friends.  We hosted two public events where folks could come in and see what they could find among the antiques.  Enjoy the images of the mysterious "blood droplets" and the video documenting an orb seen by a sensitive..  

Investigation:  June 6, 7 PM.

Full moon:  June 2, New Moon: June 16

Don Vicente Update: It's being changed from inn into condos. The SPIRITS did an investigation there (as did the "Dead Files").  Read our report here.  Read the Tampa Tribune article of the upcoming remodeling here. 

Still mourning for the Biltmore:  Read the St. Petersburg Times commentary on Florida and historic sites HERE.

Hope for African American cemetery in need of repair.  read article HERE

Call for stories for the following websites: 

Shadow Animals: There are reports of shadow people, but there is a new field emerging: shadow animals. What are these enigmatic creatures? What messages do they hold? Come and see what we have and help contribute to solving this mystery!

Paranormal Pugs Page: An oldie but goodie focusing on pugs sensing ghosts or pugs as ghosts.

Paranormal Pocket Pet Page: Looking for rodent-related animal ghost stories 

Paranormal Pet Podcasts by Brandy Stark:  Listen via Stories relate to paranormal phenomena and animals, supernatural connections to pets, and personal stories of spectral species.