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Happy May Day, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day!

This month's feature:  
Every now and again, we get requests about apparitions haunting roadways.  US 19 is certainly a local haven for accidents, especially due to both its age and how much its traveled. Have you seen anything on US 19?  If so, please email us and we'll add it to this page.  

Upcoming:  Full moon -- May 4; New Moon, May 18

Tampa Tribune:  Memorial for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster (May 9) Baynews Nine:  Victims of the Disaster to be Honored on 35th Anniversary of bridge collapse

Bellview Biltmore demolition started

Destination Strange:  House in England haunted with talking cats, ghosts, and other phenomena

Call for stories for the following websites: 

Shadow Animals: There are reports of shadow people, but there is a new field emerging: shadow animals. What are these enigmatic creatures? What messages do they hold? Come and see what we have and help contribute to solving this mystery!

Paranormal Pugs Page: An oldie but goodie focusing on pugs sensing ghosts or pugs as ghosts.

Paranormal Pocket Pet Page: Looking for rodent-related animal ghost stories 

Paranormal Pet Podcasts by Brandy Stark:  Listen via Stories relate to paranormal phenomena and animals, supernatural connections to pets, and personal stories of spectral species.