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Happy New year!     Getting ready for our first case of 2015.  Stay tuned!       
                                    This month's feature:

American Superstition: The Weather Channel (in St. Petersburg it is Bright House channel 63) hosts a show called "American Superstition." It is a rather unique way to work both legend, the supernatural, and weather into a singular format. It does have an episode on the haunted I-4 corridor (near the Orlando side of the state). Information added to a growing page of research by a SPIRITS member; page located here:, Top 25 Urban Legends of 2014:This is a good reminder of how easy urban legends spread!

St. Joe Boosts Faith in a Sale:

Call for stories for the following websites: 

Shadow Animals: There are reports of shadow people, but there is a new field emerging: shadow animals. What are these enigmatic creatures? What messages do they hold? Come and see what we have and help contribute to solving this mystery!

Paranormal Pugs Page: An oldie but goodie focusing on pugs sensing ghosts or pugs as ghosts.

Paranormal Pocket Pet Page: Looking for rodent-related animal ghost stories 

Paranormal Pet Podcasts by Brandy Stark:  Listen via Stories relate to paranormal phenomena and animals, supernatural connections to pets, and personal stories of spectral species.