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Call for stories for the following websites

Shadow Animals: There are reports of shadow people, but there is a new field emerging: shadow animals.  What are these enigmatic creatures?  What messages do they hold? Come and see what we have and help contribute to solving this mystery!

Paranormal Pocket Pet Page: Looking for rodent-related animal ghost stories 
Paranornal Pets Page: Animal interactions with the paranormal 
Paranormal Pugs Page: An oldie but goodie focusing on pugs sensing ghosts or pugs as ghosts.

Listen to podcasts Paranormal Pets on It's all the paranormal pet tales you could want in a podcast!
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The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg organization was unofficially founded in 1997, but formalized its team structure and status in 2000.  We are both an LLC and Service Marked.  Our mission is to treat both the living and the dead with compassion, respect, and calmness.  Our services are free. To learn more, please explore our site.
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Rechecks: Venice, Safety Harbor