Today, one of the rising interests in paranormal investigation is the use of electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs.  As such, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg has begun a collection of favored EVPs from our investigations.

As a starter, we begin with some EVP factoids:

*(Debated): EVPs may actually associate with the origin of the telephone, which was designed to contact the dead.  Edison, himself, was alleged to have begun working on a device to record voices of the dead but died before its completion.  (AAEVP denies this).

*The first EVP is believed to be captured on a phonograph in 1936 by American photographer Attila von Szalay.

*In 1967 Fedrich Jürgenson advanced the study of EVPs. Jürgenson’s interest in Electronic Voice Phenomena apparently began when, after having recording bird songs with a tape recorder, he could hear human voices on the tapes, even though there had been no one in the vicinity.

*In 1982 Sarah Estep founded the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (AAEVP), an organization designed specifically for the study of EVP research. This organization continues today.

Types of EVPs (From AAEVP's website):

Class "A": voices can be heard and identified by anyone with normal hearing and knowledge of the language spoken; no special training of the ear is needed to detect them.

Class "B": voices speak more rapidly and more softly, but are still quite plainly audible to a trained and attentive ear.

Class "C":  voices can be heard only in fragments, even by a trained ear, but with improved technical aids.

Issues with EVPs:
Several sites do discount EVPs as relating to natural phenomena.  They argue that EVPs can be produced by overlapping airwaves filled with cell phone calls, TV and radio waves, and other technological functions mistakenly captured by investigators. http://skepdic.com/evp.html

62nd Ter:  Unknown answer to the question
Unknown murmer.
Heritage Hotel "Claudia" or "Cloudy"
(Background):  I want to go home.
Cypress: (Background):  Get out of here!
(Location Withheld) (Whispered answer to the question:  "How do you know [the homeowner]?")  "Saw me".
VLT:  Answer to:  Where do you like to stay?  "Bathroom" (some hear "Bedroom")
Heritage Hotel/Hammerhead's:  As the groups were leaving this was heard (murmering):  "You leave" or "You lead"
These EVPs are from various SPIRITS investigations.  As such, they are released with business or homeowner permission via signed form to the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg.  Various members, under the auspices of the SPIRITS investigation, have obtained these sound files and turned them in as part of their investigative reports for posting.  SPIRITS websites are also approved by property owners; many of these EVPs appear in various locations on site.  As such, these EVPs are property of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg and are not for downloading or distribution from the SPIRITS site. 
Roser:  "Get out!" (Or "Get Up!")
5029:  Investigator's question regarding the home having a prior probate issue.  Very soft answer: "Yes".
Undisclosed location:  Investigator:  How did you die?
"Accident" (or "It was an accident")